ORTIZ & BORJA Lawyers 

At Ortiz&Borja Lawyers we offer legal services with a permanent vocation to find solutions to the problems and concerns of our customers, with particular emphasis on previous advice as a preventative measure to ensure the best possible position at the point of making decisions, avoiding unfavourable or conflicting situations and eliminating unnecessary burdens to both individuals and business economies.

We also always work from the understanding of the urgency that our customers need to find a solution to their problems, and therefore we seek to resolve as quickly as possible every issue, ensuring service delivery deadlines.


And all without forgetting that the price, on the one hand, and the quality, complexity, specialization and time actually spent on the services provided, on the other hand, must be directly proportional, understanding the practice of the profession under the core values of service excellence, customer engagement and the utmost respect to the highest ethical standards.

Ortiz&Borja Lawyers is a professional firm, founded by the lawyers Mrs Mireia Ortiz Calveche and Mr José María Borja Ivars, both practicing and members of the Honourable Provincial Lawyers Association since 2003 and 1995 respectively, counting also with Masters in various specialties.

Among the professional experience of both founding partners, including judicial practice, they also count with having advised major companies and different sectors of the Public Administration of the Regional Government of Valencia, as well as national and international individuals.

With a large team of collaborators, we respond appropriately at all times to the needs of our customers, paying special attention to the permanent training of our professionals. Teamwork and knowledge management are key tools for the development of our services. Each department responsible for each of the Firm’s different legal areas is not an isolated cell, furthermore, their collaboration and interaction is a requirement between these different areas, driving to constant teamwork which gives our professionals a comprehensive view of all the issues that a client may arise.