Divorce and Inheritance

Our lawyers have extensive training in Family Law (divorces, separations, claims for unpaid pensions, etc.) and so can provide the best advice in solving family disputes, plus also arranging, processing or accepting an inheritance.


At Ortiz&Borja Lawyers, we are very sensitive to those who have to deal with a family crisis prompted by the breakup of the couple, or to any other kind of conflict within the family. Through confidentiality and warm personal attention, we can advise and refer, where applicable, the corresponding lawsuit across the country.

Divorces, separations, marriage annulments, father-child relations and unmarried partners: We advise on the legal, family and economic consequences to a divorce of a marriage. Consensual legal proceedings and litigation, matrimonial settlement, interim measures, modification of measures, granting of the use of the family home, guardianship and custody of children, shared custody, alimony and child support.

International Family Law: study of the applicable law and the foreign economic-matrimonial regime, international maintenance claim, adoption, child abduction.

Parentage procedures, paternity and / or maternity

Inability civil procedure

Also we specialize in inheritance law, helping our customers not only in the proceeding or the acceptance of an inheritance, but also when planning it. Our team will advise you on the legal and tax issues that encompass a legacy, whether you are a Spanish citizen or a foreign citizen, applying to each either the correspondent regional legislation or the foreign legislation belonging to your nationality, so that you or your family’s interests are well protected.

• Obtaining Death Certificates, Last Will and a certified copy of the will.

• Statements of judicial and notarial heirs.

• Partition of inheritance.

• Agreements negotiation and acquisition.

• Will preparation.

• Inheritance taxation (national, regional and international).

• International Inheritance.

• Conflict resolution regarding property inheritance.

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