Previous advice and drafting of civil and commercial contracts, in order to proceed with making the right decisions and with the celebration of contracts which, in case of going to trial, ensure the customers best possible position.

We advise on all phases of the execution and performance of a contract. From prior negotiation to the novation, subrogation or termination of the contract, to its interpretation under the Act, judicial proceedings to enforce or declared it invalid; also we advise on all regarding unfair terms, general employment conditions and on the rights of consumers and users.

At Ortiz&Borja Lawyers we give utmost importance to the consultation, negotiation and drafting of the contract as a preventive measure, feeling the interests of our customers as our own whilst drafting the terms of a contract to avoid future problems and to ensure our customers’ best position.

If you would like to have guarantees for a positive contract ending, or to find the best ways to ensure payment on a lease, please contact us to discuss your case and offer you the best advice.

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