Criminal Law

Specialized legal advice to individuals or companies that are or may be charged in criminal proceedings; as well as to individuals or legal entities that may have been victims of a crime or believe that they can become one.

Ortiz&Borja Lawyers assumes the defence of their customers’ interests in the field of criminal law in all proceedings in which it is necessary to appear as defence, as direct or subsidiary civil responsible, as private or popular prosecutor or as civil plaintiff.

Our lawyers will advise and accompany you through all the paperwork assistance for the person under arrest; judicial statements, preparation of reports or complaints and assistance to any criminal proceedings for offence or crime (speedy trials, abbreviated processes, ordinary trial or jury trial).

• Criminal Law regarding finances and assets: Scams and double sales, embezzlement, punishable insolvency, falsehoods, etc.

• Corporate and business Criminal Law: corporate crime (annual accounting or other documents fraud, agreements imposed by predatory abuse of majority, fictional majority abuse, negative or arbitrary limitation of social rights and fraudulent social administration).

• Money laundering.

• Offences relating to intellectual property, market and consumers, forgery.

• Crimes against public authorities.

• Crimes against the rights of workers.

• Crimes against Public Finance and fraud related grants.

• Liability for professional negligence.

• Environmental Criminal Law.

• Urban Criminal Law.

• New technologies crimes: hacking, phishing, spying or other punishable way of hacking.

• Criminal law of honour.

• Crimes against collective security.

• Crimes against public health.

• Crimes against the Administration of Justice.

• Crimes against public order.

• Crimes of revealing companies’ secret information.

• Crimes against family relationships.

• Juvenile Criminal Law.

• Claim of civil compensation due to crime or misdemeanour.

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