Lawyers specialized in eviction proceedings both for rent non-payment and for end of lease/let or sublease without consent or any other issue involving the breach of the letting contract.

At Ortiz & Borja lawyers we offer maximum efficiency in the resolution of eviction processes for your home or your commercial premises due to rent non-payment, letting contract termination or breach of contract. The new Law Reform streamlines the deadlines for the eviction of tenants (Express Eviction), improving the timing to achieving legal eviction of the defaulting tenant.

We will also advise you and type draft rental contracts for living-in properties, commercial premises or any kind of property, considering various aspects such as rental duration period, deposit, additional rent guarantees, tenant’s and property’s rights and obligations, rental cost updating, rental sublet ban and all matters arising, always under the new legislation and ensuring that the customer is always in the best position.

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