International Law for Foreigners Consulting

Legal advice for foreigners living in Spain or who would like to invest in our country, as well as for the Spaniard who would like to make international transactions or who has legal conflicts abroad.


Our firm has incorporated the Department for International Private Law to provide consulting to both the individual and the business/company regarding the E.U. Community Law regulations and the International Law regulations governing family relations, international contracts, court jurisdiction and enforcement of foreign judgements in Spain or in other countries.

Our experience in dealing with foreign nationals makes us particularly sensitive to the legal advice in areas such as:

• Property law. – Advice before buying a home, property check ensuring no risk at all, drafting contracts, claims for contract breaches, building damages.

• Inheritances, Wills.

• Societies/associations constitutions.

• Court claims (owners’ communities, rents, family, etc.)

• European Judgment Order

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