Labour Law

Redundancy and disability: We are lawyers specialized in redundancy claims and permanent disability benefits claims, guaranteeing always the best defence of your rights and interests in these situations.


At Ortiz & Borja Lawyers we are aware of the suffering that permanent health impairment causes at the time of developing a job and the unease caused by the lack of recognition by the National Institute of Social Security towards these disabling situations, denying a permanent disability pension. For this reason and straight from the beginning, we speed up as maximum as possible the administrative procedures to claim Social Security benefits, previous to the judicial stage, by challenging medical discharge and by submitting prior claims against the denial of a permanent disability condition.

In this regard, our Firm emphasizes the high importance of a proper approach to claims against the Public Administration, beginning at the administrative phase by formulating the relevant prior claim, which will guarantee, in case of having to litigate the claim in the subsequent phase, the best possible position.

We also offer solutions to corporate crises, such as the planning and implementation of corporate restructuring processes, or the defence of the rights and interests of our clients in claims for redundancy and / or changes in working conditions, or re-entry requests after leave of absence periods.

And besides, we also advise and arrange disciplinary proceedings, hiring, counselling and assistance in proceedings regarding Labour Inspections, and proceedings regarding work accidents, claiming the maximum compensation possible.

Social Security:




• Administrative Appeals

General advice:

• Recruitment,

• Corporate restructurings: changes in working conditions and redundancy.

• Disciplinary procedures

• Proceedings towards the Labour Inspection.

Labour process:

• Redundancy or penalties

• Penalties

• Changing working conditions

• Claims for unpaid wages

• Accidents at work

• Holidays

• Classification and recognition of professional working conditions (age, etc.)

• Leave of absence.

Public employees:

• Challenging job relationships and personnel;

• Recognition of supplements, groups, social-economic status and working conditions of civil servants and the workforce;

• Cessation and redundancy challenges.

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