Owners’ Communities

We assist individuals, owners and property managers in all the questions they may have related to their own community.

At Ortiz&Borja Lawyers we give answers to questions from the property owners: Is the storeroom a private or common element? Can I be forced to pay for the lift if I disagree? How are the costs shared between owners? Air-conditioning in the balcony? Do the commercial premises have to pay the building’s common expenses? Are there benefits to help the Community? How to claim a neighbour who does not pay the building’s works? Could we get that owner to get seized?

We offer advice to Property Administrators. Our professional services are provided through continuous advice from our office and also visiting your facilities if convenient. Likewise, if necessary, we offer advice during the Owners Board meetings, to which one of our lawyers would attend. We offer legal intervention in payment procedures to claim the amounts that defaulting co-owners owe, as well as any other procedure related. We also contribute with our experience in the complaint negotiation without having to go to court. We also elaborate statutes and annotations adaptions in the corresponding Land Registry Office (domain records, etc.).

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