Traffic Accidents

Abogados especializados en reclamar indemnizaciones por accidentes de tráfico para conductores, acompañantes o peatones, garantizándoles la máxima indemnización económica por los perjuicios sufridos, con total independencia de las compañías aseguradoras.

At Ortiz&Borja Lawyers, we advise you on the steps and procedures to be performed if you have had a traffic accident, all across the country, and counting with our lawyers’ professionalism and personal attention. Whether you are a driver, a vehicle passenger or a pedestrian who has suffered a traffic accident you may be entitled to compensation for damages or injuries.

Our experience finds that the compensations offered by insurance companies usually come to smaller amounts than what really the beneficiaries would be entitled to.

In our office, we offer maximum agility and professionalism in negotiating the best compensation against an insurance company, or in your criminal or civil complaint through court.

If we consider that the claim is viable, we will not charge any upfront fee, but only a percentage of the sum to be obtained, which you will be charged once the payment of the compensation has been put forward to you. Moreover, in some cases, your vehicle insurance policy will cover wholly or partly, the costs of our services. If so, we will take care ourselves to take the necessary steps to make sure that your insurer will refund you the fee.



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